Marine Supercargo
Full control of cargo operations, being directly on vessel.
The main types of cargo: steel products, general cargo.
Agreement of cargo plan with the vessel’s administration
Close cooperation with administrations of cargo terminals at Novorossiysk and other ports
Personal presence of one of our specialists on board the vessel in time of cargo operations

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Daily reporting with photos
Specialist is available to communicate 24/7
Efficient decision-making
Payment upon completion
About company

In today’s world of shipping, the most important and important value is the combination of maximizing the use of vessel’s capabilities and ports’ capacities.

To achieve this, requires a constructive approach to transport planning, which includes a complex analysis of the planned cargo and technical capabilities of one or several cargo terminals, as well as selection of the relevant vessel.

This is the main task for our company. We analyze technical parameters of the forthcoming shipment and offer the appropriate solution, the execution of which is under our control.