The main activity of the company is the control of cargo operations at maritime transport.


We carry out all the necessary range of services, which includes the following stages of work:

  1. Consultations for selecting vessel for one or several consignments.
    At this stage, we help the carrier to exclude the risks of the inability of loading the proposed vessel fully or partly by the planned cargo in the conditions of this terminal(s) or the vessel itself.
  2. Preparation of preliminary cargo plan.
    At this stage, we prepare cargo plan with detailed description of the cargo location and the introduction of all the necessary clarifying remarks concerning the loading and stowing cargo in holds of the vessel. Also, we take into account the requirements and conditions for ports of discharge.
  3. Agreement of the preliminary cargo plan with the administrations of the vessel and cargo terminals.
    At this stage, we are discuss the plan with all parties involved in the process in direct contact as much as possible. This approach provide us to find solutions for the most difficult tasks by the minimum period.
  4. Total control of cargo operations and prompt amending to the cargo plan.
    At this stage, we take under control the correct execution of the cargo plan by stevedoring company and observance of all norms of loading, including proper stowing and distribution cargo in holds, as well as we observe for the rational distribution cargo gangs, provided by the terminal for this vessel in order to reduce time spending.
  5. Preparation of the final cargo plan based on results of loading the vessel.

At this stage, we make the plan, which indicates the actual location of each consignment in holds of the vessel.